Shrinking Rubber

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Shrinking RubberShrinking Rubber 1lb

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Important! This product is activated by water. This makes it VERY sensitive to moisture contamination. Once opened this product will have a short shelf life especially if you live in a humid region. Buy and use as soon as possible. Even in the sealed container it will begin to congeal in 3-4 months. Shrink-It is a polyurethane product that you mix with water and once it is demolded you set on a rack and let it air dry till the water evaporates. It may take a week or two to finish shrinking. As the water evaporates. This takes some time, although use of a food dehydrator speeds up the process. We suggests a mix ratio of up to 3 parts of Cold Water by volume to 1 part Shrink-It. This product has a 30 second pot life so you must be prepared to work fast. Can be demolded in 5 minutes.If you don't get the size result that you wanted, try again, changing the mix ratio (more water for a smaller shrink, less for a bigger shrink) until you get the result that you were trying to achieve.

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