Hardwood heavy duty tools set of 5

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285286287290292Hardwood heavy duty tools set of 5


Exemplifying Sculpture House's finest workmanship, our top selection of Heavy Duty Hardwood tools are made from durable and exotic hardwood. The finely polished ends have been meticulously designed to allow the artist to apply several sculpting techniques to their modeling material.  Generally used for modeling larger pieces in Plastilina, moist clay and plaster. Set of 5 

No. 285 

Each end has been crafted to enable the sculptor to perform specific tasks. One end has a straight flat edge perfect for palette work; the other end has been rounded but coming to a slight point for scribing and smoothing edges of your piece. 

Approximate length - 9 1/2".

No. 286 

One end is rounded coming to a point used for smoothing curved areas as well as scribing (marking sharp, clean and definitive lines in your work). The tool's opposite end is rounded for convex and concave smoothing of modeling materials. 

Approximate length - 10 1/2".

No. 287

One end is skew-shaped, that is, having a straight edge at an approximate 45 degree angle used for cutting, smoothing and scribing (marking) flat surfaces. The tool's opposite end is rounded for convex and concave smoothing of modeling materials.

Approximate length: 10 1/2".

No. 290  

Each of its rounded ends makes smoothing flat surfaces and scribing a breeze. Also a popular tool for mould making. 

Approximate length - 11 1/2".

No. 292

 One end is a a straight edge with teeth for texturing; the inverse end is an angled straight edge perfect for cutting, definition work, and angled smoothing. 

Approximate length - 11 1/2".

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