PT Flex 20

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PT Flex 20PT Flex 20PT Flex 20

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Rapid demold timesLow-viscosityEasy 1A:1B mix ratiosLow shrinkage on cureCan be colored with PolyColor DyesSeveral accessories available to manipulate liquid rubber (e.g., accelerate, soften, thicken)PT Flex 20 Liquid Rubber has the lowest durometer (Shore A20) in the PT Flex Series. It is a very flexible and fast-curing rubber designed for prototyping and model making applications.PT Flex 20 offers a 4-minute pour time and a ~2-hour demold time at room temperature (30-minute demold time at 70°C) and is very low in viscosity, which makes it easy to mix and pour without trapping bubbles.It is excellent for casting decorative objects, props, production parts, tools, models, special effects castings, patterns, duplicate masters and more. This rubber can also be used to make molds in a timely fashion.PT Flex 20 can be colored with PolyColor Dyes.

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