7120 Silicone

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71207120 Silicone

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  • Easy mix ratios; some 1:1 mixes available
  • Easy release properties -- save on release agents
  • High tear strength -- fewer prematurely torn molds
  • Good chemical resistance for longer mold life
  • Low/zero shrinkage for dimensional reproduction 

PlatSil® 71-20 is a fast-curing, 1A:1B mix, mid-range hardness platinum silicone liquid mold rubber. Molds made from PlatSil 71-20 are quite flexible and are great for intricate models with undercuts.

PlatSil 71-20 molds are often used for resin casting (polyurethane, polyester, epoxy), wax casting and plaster casting. Common applications include prototyping, model making, hobby reproduction, taxidermy, soap and candle making and much more.  Release agents are not necessary for casting most materials.

Pour as supplied or thicken for brush-on molds using PlatThix liquid thickener.

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