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Hardwood heavy duty tools set of 5

Hardwood heavy duty tools Set of 5

Exemplifying Sculpture House's finest workmanship, our top selection of Heavy Duty Hardwood tools are hand made from durable and exotic hardwood. The finely polished ends have been meticulously designed to allow the artist to apply several sculpting techniques to their modeling material. Set of 5

$86.91 ex GST

Stainless Steel Detailing Set of 9

Stainless Steel Detailing Set of 9

Our OAZ set of nine stainless steel modeling tools is one of the most versatile sets in the field of sculpture, whether you are working in Plastilina, moist clay, wax or plaster.Each rust-resistant tool has been forged with 2 distinctly-shaped ends designed for specific sculpting techniques, including cutting, smoothing, gouging, and delicate detail work.

$243.43 ex GST

Key Knife

Key Knife

With traditional Italian styling and attention to detail,our mold making key knife is the perfect tool for creating channels while cutting/separating a silicon mold from its modeled piece. The channels will allow the silicon mold to be put back together with strong interlocking sections preventing slippage.

$52.13 ex GST

Double Wrapped Wire End tool

Double Wrapped Wire End Modeling Tool 204

This finely crafted sculpting tool, from our series of traditional clay modeling tools, has heavy duty wrapped wire ends. One of our most popular tools, the No. 204's wire ends are made with sharpened steel with cutting edges of 1" and 1 1/2" respectively. Each end is also uniquely shaped providing the sculptor with modeling and cutting options.The wire ends are secured to a wooden tapered handle for ease of manipulation. Primarily used for texturing in clay modeling and for plaster work. Approximate length 10 1/2".Made in U.S.A.

$34.74 ex GST

Double Wrapped Wire End Modeling Tool 206

Double Wrapped Wire End Modeling Tool 206

Double Wire End Modeling Tool 206From our series of traditional clay modeling tools, the No. 206 double wire end modeling tool is a select "go to" tool for texturing and shaping clay. Each end is made with a uniquely shaped wrapped sharpened steel cutting wire (3/4" and 1" edges respectively); secured to a comfortable wooden handle for a smooth grip and ease of use. Approx. length 9".Made in U.S.A.

$34.74 ex GST

Hardwood 284WEB

Hardwood Modelling Tools - 284WEB - Set of 4

Created to fit naturally into the fingers and hand of the sculptor, our set of four hardwood modeling tools are used extensively with head and bust modeling. These essential sculpting tools allow you to accomplish a wide range of modeling techniques.

$78.22 ex GST

Double Wrapped Wire End Tools

Double Wrapped Wire End Modeling Tool 207

Double Wire End Modeling Tool 207Equipped with two uniquely shaped cutting ends, the No. 207 wrapped steel wire modeling tool is from our series of traditional clay modeling tools. Double wire ends are 1/2" wrapped sharpened steel cutting wire to provide the sculptor with the ability to perform finer, more delicate texturing and cutting. Each end is secured to a tapered wooden handle for a comfortable grip and ease of use.Approximate length 8".Made in U.S.A.

$34.74 ex GST

mould Knife

Mould Makers Knife

This heavy high carbon steel knife with a 4" blade is used to remove mold sections, to cut rubber, and to clean mold walls. Its handle is made of wood. The blade is continuous through the wood for strength. Approximate length - 9".Made in U.S.A.

$43.43$30.40 ex GST

264 Detailing Hardwood Tools

Detailing Hardwood Modeling Tools - Set of 4

Our detailing hardwood modeling tools are made of only the finest wood, then polished to perfection.The curves of the wood are designed to fit the hand with complete comfort even after prolonged use. Created with intent, these delicate sculpting tools allow for the artist to achieve details unattainable by use of larger modeling tools and the bare hand.Each tool measures approximately 6.5" in length.A great companion set to the 284WEB (Set of 7.5" Hardwood Modeling Tools).

$52.13 ex GST

213 Wird End Tool

Double Wire End Modeling Tool 213

Double Wire End Modeling Tool 213The suggested size and heft for modeling pieces over 18", our No. 213 modeling tool has sharpened steel cutting wires at both ends shaped to perform different sculpting techniques on a model. One end is the favored bullnose for shaping and digging; the inverse end, a rectangular shape, has been squared off for cutting straight planes on a smooth surface of modeling material. Approximate length - 9".A perfect tool for working in Plastilina, self-hardening clay, moist (ceramic) clay and plaster.Made in U.S.A.

$34.74 ex GST

Moulding Shim

Aluminium Moulding Shim

Mold Dividing ShimThis thin flat piece of aluminum is used to divide your clay model into sections in preparation for the mold making process. Cut into appropriate lengths for your piece. Dimensions: 1 1/2" by 20'.Made in U.S.A.

$26.04$18.23 ex GST

Prima 2lb

Prima Plastilina

A non-sulfur, all natural, professional grade modeling clay, PRIMA Plastilina is of medium consistency. The lack of sulfur in this clay results in a more pleasant odor, yet does not compromise its quality.

From $34.74$24.32 ex GST

Aluminium Calipers

Aluminum Calipers

For a sculptor, a set of calipers is an essential modeling tool to measure distances between two opposite sides of an object.

From $29.95 ex GST

Duron Plastic Tool Set of 12

Duron Plastic Modelling Tools - Set of 12

Ranging in length from 6” to 8” our Duron Modeling Tool Set has been purposely designed to work in all modeling mediums. Sometimes called thumb tools since the thumb is used to guide the tool while working, this 12-piece set is manufactured from high impact plastic.Each sleek tool has two uniquely shaped ends providing the sculptor with a wide array of cutting, smoothing and detailing options.Made in U.S.A.

$34.74 ex GST

Alabaster detailing set
Stainless Steel Wax Tool 160

Stainless Steel Wax Tool 160

The SH160 stainless steel wax tool is crafted specifically for finishing work in wax, including trimming seam lines and smoothing imperfections out of your piece prior to casting.

$34.74 ex GST

Figure Armature

Figure Armature -1/2 life size36 " - incls Backiron and board

This strong yet pliable 36" armature is the largest of our figure armatures. A must have if you are sculpting with Plastilina, moist clay or other material that cannot support its own bulk. Think of this as the skeleton or framework upon which you lay your clay for modeling.

$350.00 ex GST

907D Armature

Armature Wire 907D - 1/4" by 10'

Our 907D aluminum armature wire is lightweight and fully pliable, yet strong enough for building your own armature for busts and figures up to 3 feet. Its non-corrosive and non-staining qualities make it a perfect internal support for your clay modeling piece.

$50.00$35.00 ex GST


Stainless Steel Spatula 74

Hand-crafted from stainless steel to minimize rusting, the SH 74 sculpting spatula is intended primarily for working in plaster. However, as with other sculpting tools, it can also be effectively used to model in Plastilina, clay and wax.One end of this spatula has been flared for smoothing your modeling material. Its inverse end has been squared off for cutting, scraping, as well as smoothing seam lines and repairing any blemishes, defects or bad setting of the plaster..Approximate length - 7 1/2".

$34.74 ex GST

Wax Knife

Wax Knife

Our wax modeling knife is a dual-purpose sculptor's tool, useful to the both the clay and wax sculptor as well as chasers of wax prior to investment.One end of this sculpting tool is shaped in a traditional rounded solid curve made for smoothing all waxes. The other end is a small detailing and cutting knife.The ends are made from stainless steel and are, therefore rust-resistant; both are securely fastened to a hardwood handle.Approximate length - 7".

$26.04 ex GST

Duron Plastic Tool Set of 5

Duron Plastic Modelling Tools - Set of 5

Mini Duron Modeling Tools - Set of 5 Sculptor's tools for all modeling mediums; that is the convenience of the 400MAZ, our 5-piece Mini Duron Plastic Tool Set. A smaller version of our 400AZ, these rugged modeling tools are made from high impact plastic that will last and work almost effortlessly.Often called thumb tools or hand tools since the thumb is used to help guide the tool while working. Each double ended tool offers unique cutting, smoothing and detailing ends.Approximate lengths range from 6” to 8”.Made in U.S.A.

$17.35 ex GST


Adjustable Back iron Armature

This adjustable standalone steel backiron can be used in conjunction with our 12" (Item No. FA312I)and 18" (Item No. FA518I) Removable Figure Armatures or an armature of your own design. It is not compatible with our 24" Removable Figure Armature.

$43.43 ex GST

Heavy Block Scrapers

Heavy Steel Block scrapers - Set of 3

Our heavy steel rectangular block scrapers are the ideal multi-functional clay modeling tools. Primarily used for squaring off the top and bottom of your mold and scraping down the sides of its walls so it is level for casting.These four-sided sculpting tools can also be used in smoothing and blending your Plastilina or moist clay in large models.The SBS1 has 2 straight edges on its longer sides; the SBS2 and the larger SBS3 have 1 straight edge and 1 serrated edge on its longer sides.Made in U.S.A.

$26.04 ex GST

HA4 Life Size Armature

Life Size Head Armature

If you are sculpting a life-size head and, therefore, using over 5 lbs. of clay, our HA4 20" adjustable head armature is a must have. It is designed and constructed to provide an internal support skeleton for the Plastilina, moist clay or other sculpting medium which cannot support itself.

$130.00 ex GST


Stainless Steel Wax Tool SH404

Hand crafted to Sculpture House exacting specifications, the SH404 stainless steel modeling tool is a medium gauge tool used for modeling work in most sculpting mediums including Plastilina, clay, wax and plaster.The slight curve of this sculpting tool allows it to fit comfortably in your hand. Each rust-resistant tool end resembles a small version of a duck bill, perfect for smoothing and shaping. An additional benefit of this tool is that it retains heat well making it great for wax work.Approximate length - 5".

$34.74 ex GST


Wax Modelling Tool 155

The 155 carbon steel wax modeling tool is hand forged and was specifically designed and constructed for use in the delicate art of wax modeling. Also useful for clay modeling and plaster work. Its length - 7 1/4" is approximate.Made in U.S.A.

$34.74 ex GST


Stainless Steel Wax Tool 163

A heavy duty wax tool, the ends of our SH163 are designed to absorb heat and, therefore, allow the sculptor to manipulate wax more easily especially on larger bulkier pieces.With two curved rounded spatulas as its ends, this stainless steel modeling tool is ideal for smoothing your modeling material including Plastilina, plaster and water-base clay.Rust-resistant.Approximate length - 7 3/4".

$34.74 ex GST


Stainless Steel Modelling Tool 56

The SH56 stainless steel carving tool is ideal for retouching and texturizing in Plastilina, wax, plaster and water-base clay. This rust-resistant modeling tool has very unique ends.One end is paddle-shaped and serrated. It is designed to be used to smooth and texture surfaces of your model in addition to using its round end for gouging and creating rounded crevices.Approximate length - 7".65

$34.74 ex GST

Head Bust Armature

Head & Bust

The head-bust armature is the most widely used and includes the head, neck and portion of the shoulders (bust). Our 24" head-bust armature is constructed of strong, yet pliable, aluminum wire that is supported with a heavy duty steel backiron and cross bar that makes up the lower portion of the bust.

$275.00 ex GST


Stainless Steel Modeling Tool 62

The SH62 stainless steel spatula is a multi-purpose tool for modeling in Plastilina and moist clay. Its ends are very different in shape and function, yet complement each other.One end of this rust-resistant sculpting tool is a semi-flexible small spatula for smoothing your modeling material. Its inverse end is curved, serrated, and spear-shaped making it perfect for texturing your model.Approximate length - 7 1/2".

$34.74 ex GST


Stainless Steel Wax Tool SH166

The SH166 stainless steel wax tool is a somewhat larger version of our SH164 with firmer ends for larger wax and clay pieces. Our tool design combines a diamond-shaped cutting end for removing large quantities of sculpting material with an opposing spatula end used for easily smoothing and leveling more robust areas of the model.Rust-resistant.Approximate length - 8".

$34.74 ex GST

907A Armature Wire

Armature Wire 907A - 1/16" by 32'

Our 907A aluminum wrapping and armature wire, the smallest gauge wire we offer, is mainly used for the skeletal aspects of a smaller model and wrapping the larger, thicker appendages of a larger model to assist the clay in adhering to the larger armature. Lightweight, yet strong, this wire is non-corrosive, completely pliable and non-staining.

$15.00 ex GST

Wooden Acacia Knife

Acacia Wooden Knife

This wooden Knife is produced from Acacia wood, an extra hard durable wood impervious to moisture, thus being a superior choice for essential tools for working in ceramics, pottery and water-based materials. Hand-polished with a natural finish.Approximate length of each tool- 8".

$11.26 ex GST

Clay Toggle Cutter

Clay Toggle Cutter

$8.65 ex GST


Stainless Steel Spatula tool 33

The versatility of the SH33 modeling spatula is defined by its two distinctly shaped tool ends. One end of this stainless steel spatula is designed as a small finger-like shaped end for burnishing (rubbing with a tool to smooth) and finishing pieces in Plastilina and wax. The other end has been fashioned into a small spear-shaped end for cutting and smoothing.Approximate length - 7 1/4".

$34.74 ex GST


Stainless Steel Modelling Tool 44

Somewhat heavier in the hand than our SH40, the SH44 stainless steel modeling tool is equally beneficial when working across a variety of sculpting mediums.Designed with two cutting ends, one spear-shaped, the other slightly hooked, the SH44 is perfect for cutting, carving and marking in Plastilina, wax and water-base clay.Approximate length - 7 1/4".

$34.74 ex GST

907C Armature Wire

Armature Wire 907C - 3/16" by 10'

Designed and produced to be non-corrosive, lightweight, fully pliable and non-staining, our 3/16” x 10' aluminum armature wire is the preferred clay modeling support framework for sculpted busts and figures up to 24". Our 907C aluminum armature wire will resist corroding beneath your modeling material, including clay and plaster.

$30.00 ex GST

Stainless Steel Modelling tool

Stainless Steel Modelling Tool 406

Our SH406 is hand crafted and forged from heavy gauge stainless steel to prevent corrosion. This specialty tool's curvature together with its strong duck bill and probe tool ends are especially designed to make quick work out of smoothing and scouring wax or plaster.Approximate length - 6".

$34.74 ex GST

Thin Line Set

Thin Line Modelling Tools

Also known as Thin Line tools, the 608AZ set of five mini steel detailing tools is an asset to any sculptor. Each double wire end tool provides the artist with the ability to add fine details on faces such as irises, incised design and sgraffito which is popular in painting and ceramics.Their uniquely-shaped cutting ends allow for precise sharp clay modeling. Equally fine for pottery clay and wax.Approximate length of each tool: 6".

$78.22 ex GST

907B Armature Wire

Armature Wire 907B - 1/8" by 20'

One of our most popular clay modeling armature wires, the 907B sculpture wire is ideal for pieces up to 15". It is non-corrosive, lightweight and fully pliable yet strong and sturdy. 10 gauge (SWG); 1/8" in diameter; 20 feet long. Weight and length is approximate. The perfect framework to preserve the integrity of your piece as you build up your modeling material.

$25.00 ex GST

Trimfast loop Set

Trim Fast Loop Tool Set (4)

With its interchangeable wire ends and aluminum handle, this tool is an ideal trimming and footing ceramic tool. Sharp cutting edges fit securely while trimming and footing pots and bowls. Approximate length - 8 1/2". The additional 4 wire ends are interchangeable and have sharp cutting edges. They fit securely into the TrimFast® handle.

$43.43 ex GST

Steel Palettes Set of 3

Flexible Steel Palettes - Set of 3

This practical set of 3 modeling palettes is made of highly flexible blue spring steel. Each is uniquely shaped and one is designed with a serrated edge. These clay modeling tools are used for smoothing, blending and scraping clay, emphasizing edges, trimming, and leveling the base of thrown clay.Our set of steel clay modeling palettes ranges in length from 4-5”.

$13.00 ex GST


Stainless Steel Spatula 75

The largest of our stainless steel spatulas, the SH75 was designed and is crafted for those working on a monumental model or mold.One end of this rust-resistant sculpting implement is a long tapered spatula for laying up plaster; the other end has been made heavy and squared off into a rectangle for cutting and scraping.Approximate length - 10".

$34.74 ex GST

Flexible Rubber Palettes - Set of 2

Flexible Rubber Palettes - Set of 2

Pliable rubber palettes, also called finishing rubber palettes, provide the sculptor the tools to smooth and scrape wet clay and plaster. Also perfect for pottery trimming and leveling the base of thrown clay.The set comes with 2 oval palettes, one being larger than the other.Made in U.S.A.

$13.00 ex GST

SH37 Stainless Steel Tool

Stainless Modelling Steel Tool SH37

A variety of sculpting techniques can easily be performed by the artist with the SH37 modeling tool.Ideal for scoring in Plastilina, wax and water-based clay, this stainless steel tool has two spear shaped ends. While both ends are serrated, making them excellent for cutting and texturing, one of the ends is straight while its inverse is curved. May also be used to remove seams in your work.Approximate length - 7".

$34.74 ex GST

907E Armature Wire

Armature Wire 907E 3/8" by 10'

Our 907E aluminum wrapping and armature wire, the thickest gauge and heaviest-duty wire we offer, is used for the modeling of life-size figures. Strong, yet lightweight, non-corrosive, fully pliable and non-staining, it is an ideal internal support wire for your clay and/or plaster modeling piece.

$43.43 ex GST

1/2 Life Size Head Armature

1/2 Life Size Head Armature

Strong yet adjustable, our HA2 13" wire head armature is constructed of non-staining, non-corrosive aluminIum wire making it the perfect support structure for sculpting your 1/2-life size head.

$65.00 ex GST


Shellac Liquid sealer (french polish). The traditional sealer for plaster moulds or patterns,

$34.74$24.32 ex GST

Vatican Stone

Vatican Stone Gry/Grn

A super hard, durable and sparkling composition, widely used for casting all types of sculpture and novelties for indoor use. Color:Grey-Green

From $17.35$12.15 ex GST

Figure Armature

Figure Armature 15", 18", 24"- incl back iron & board

The integrity of your clay modeling project depends on a strong interior armature(inner wire framework) to hold the weight of moist clay, Plastilina or other sculpting materials that would not otherwise support itself. Sculpture House’s strong, fully adjustable 15", 18", or 24" figure wire armature is strong yet completely pliable, making it the perfect choice among professional sculptors.

From $39.09 ex GST

Animal Armature with Board

Animal Armature with Board

Our 8" and 10" animal armature serves as this support framework; it is a horse-shape since most animals have this basic form.

$94.00 ex GST

401A Wire End Tool

Single Wire End Modeling Tool

These modelling tools are in our traditional series of finely crafted single wire end modeling tools. The wire end is sharpened steel and serrated, for precise cutting and texturing. Its exotic rounded wooden handle has been designed for comfort while working and can also be used for smoothing the material being modelled.

From $26.04 ex GST

figure armature

Figure Armatures only

Built of pliable aluminum wire, our fully adjustable 12" figure armature is strong and non-staining. Available in 12 and 18" armatures as well as a larger 24" figure armature. Compatible with our adjustable steel backiron.

From $34.74 ex GST

Figure Armature

Figure Armature 8" & 12" - incls Backiron and board

The integrity of your clay modeling project depends on a strong interior armature(inner wire framework) to hold the weight of moist clay, Plastilina or other sculpting materials that would not otherwise support itself. Sculpture House’s strong, fully adjustable 12” figure wire armature is strong yet completely pliable, making it the perfect choice among professional sculptors.

From $55.00 ex GST