Sculptor: Eric Slocombe Clay Used: Le Beau Touché HM Brow

NSP Brown 2lb

NSP (Non Sulfurated Plasteline) NSP is a line of professional, sulfur free sculpting clays. Replacing sulphur minimizes difficulties associated to mold making with silicone rubber.NSP can be melted and poured at approximately 185°F! Available in soft, medium and hard; Green Brown or Tan.

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Le Bouche Touche
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Chavant Le Beau Touche - 2lb

Le Beau Touché is a sulfur free, extremely smooth and flexible Plasteline with exceptional adhesive qualities. Th HM formula is less sensitive to heat variations and is suggested for use where the working environment is expected to exceed 90°F.

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Clayette Plastilina 2lb

Chavant Clayette

Clayette modeling clay is sulfur-free, non- hardening, odor-free and flexible without being sticky.

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Da Vinci Plastilina

Chavant Da Vinci Firm 2lb

Formulated in the 1920's DaVinci is an original Italian Plastilina. Normal temperature ranges do not significantly effect this unique wax free, sulfur based sculpting clay, which has the non-sticky, smooth feel of water based clay.

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Glyptic Handle & Loop set - Large Set

Glyptic Handle & Loop set

The Glyptic Modeling Tool loopsare made from high quality materials: Large Loops: Half round stainless steel wire Small and Medium Loops: Tempered steel??These tools are very economical:If a loop breaks, just replace the loop, not the whole tool.Red - Small SetBlue - Medium SetGreen - Large Set

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Fill it Oil based Clay

Chavant Fill It Clay 1 lb

Fill-It is a sulfur free clay used by mold makers to seal mold boxes, build dams, set parting lines/shims and repair cracks.

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Glyptic Loops - no handle included

Loops Only for Glyptic tools(SL) small loops fit in handle HE (Red)(ML) medium loops fit in handles HE & HC (Red & Blue)(LL) large loops fit in handles HA & HC (Blue & Green)

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Small Set
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Glyptic Handle

Handles only. The brightly colored anodized handles help you to quickly identify which tool you want while at work. Each handle is approx. 6” in length and comes with an allen wrench for easy loop change.

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