Accu-cast 570 Alginate Powder 1kg

Accu-cast 570 Alginate Powder 1kg

HandGel is our "go to" alginate for larger bucket molds like Adult Hand Casting, Family Hand Casting and Foot Casting. Nice long setting time gives you plenty of time to mix and get the hands in place- even for novices.

$69.52 ex GST

Phase2 Dental Alginate

Phase 2 GEL Dental Alginate

Color-Changing Formula that fades to white at 1:45 and sets at 2:15. - Dustless Formula makes great impressions. 1 pound bag with measuring scoop and water vial.

$33.96 ex GST

270 Accucast

Accu-cast Alginate 270

Two-minute set when using 70°F water. For very quick moulds.

$35.00 ex GST

AC380 Alginate

BabyGel (380-CC) Alginate

380-CC alginate sets in about 3 minutes when using 26°C water but it Color-changing formula for baby and child hand casting from Accu-Cast. 500gm. This is about a 4 Water to 1 Powder ratio mix, so works out very competitively.

From $34.74 ex GST



Cholesterol is used to block out masses of hair when you want to include them in your LifeCast.

From $14.95 ex GST



just in case you run out of time and your alginate sets too quickly. Algi-bond will enable you to stick one layer of Alginate to another.

From $9.95 ex GST

Teeth Impression Trays

Teeth Impression Trays

Great for SFX makeup artists when producing monster teeth, vampire teeth, ugly teeth or grillz.

$25.00 ex GST

Accu-Cast Genesis V - 5 minute set

Accu-Cast Genesis V - 5 minute set

GenesisV alginate for Life Casting, is highly acclaimed in Hollywood for its “ideal” working properties for face and head moulds.

From $34.74 ex GST

Accu-cast Alginate 590

Accu-Cast Alginate - 590

590-IBG alginate– developed specifically for face casting.

From $69.52 ex GST

Head Cast

Accu-Cast Genesis X - 10 minute set

For those who are doing a really big lifecasting project, GenesisX alginate is for you. When using 70°F water, you will get a full 9+ minutes of working time and a snappy set at about 10 minutes.

From $34.74 ex GST

Childs Hand Cast in Cold Cast Bronze

Accu-Cast Alginate 390 - 3 minute set

390-S2 Alginate is one of Accu-Cast’s oldest “bucket mold” formulas for hand casting.

From $36.52 ex GST