Phase2 Dental Alginate

Phase 2 GEL Dental Alginate

Color-Changing Formula that fades to white at 1:45 and sets at 2:15. - Dustless Formula makes great impressions. 1 pound bag with measuring scoop and water vial.

$33.96 ex GST

270 Accucast

Accu-cast Alginate 270

Two-minute set when using 70°F water. For very quick moulds.

$35.00 ex GST

AC380 Alginate

BabyGel (380-CC) Alginate

380-CC alginate sets in about 3 minutes when using 26°C water but it Color-changing formula for baby and child hand casting from Accu-Cast. 500gm. This is about a 4 Water to 1 Powder ratio mix, so works out very competitively.

From $34.74 ex GST



Cholesterol is used to block out masses of hair when you want to include them in your LifeCast.

From $14.95 ex GST

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just in case you run out of time and your alginate sets too quickly. Algi-bond will enable you to stick one layer of Alginate to another.

From $9.95 ex GST

Teeth Impression Trays

Teeth Impression Trays

Great for SFX makeup artists when producing monster teeth, vampire teeth, ugly teeth or grillz.

$25.00 ex GST

Accu-Cast Genesis V - 5 minute set

Accu-Cast Genesis V - 5 minute set

GenesisV alginate for Life Casting, is highly acclaimed in Hollywood for its “ideal” working properties for face and head moulds.

From $34.74 ex GST

Accu-cast Alginate 590

Accu-Cast Alginate - 590

590-IBG alginate– developed specifically for face casting.

From $69.52 ex GST

Childs Hand Cast in Cold Cast Bronze

Accu-Cast Alginate 390 - 3 minute set

390-S2 Alginate is one of Accu-Cast’s oldest “bucket mold” formulas for hand casting.

From $36.52 ex GST

Head Cast

Accu-Cast Genesis X - 10 minute set

For those who are doing a really big lifecasting project, GenesisX alginate is for you. When using 70°F water, you will get a full 9+ minutes of working time and a snappy set at about 10 minutes.

From $34.74 ex GST