Inhibit X® is a single component, low-viscosity liquid that provides an added measure of protection against cure inhibition when pouring platinum silicone rubbers over many surfaces including sulfur clay, instant adhesives, tapes, wood surfaces, some plastics, SLA resins and others.

$119.95 ex GST

Glow Worm® phosphorescent powders - available Blue and Green

Glow Worm® Series

Glow Worm® phosphorescent powders can be added to Smooth-On liquid plastics, rubbers and foams to create castings that glow in the dark after being charged with light. Choose from either green or blue.

From $52.13 ex GST

XTC-3D® is a protective coating for smoothing and finishing 3D printed parts.

XTC-3D® - 3D Print Coating

XTC-3D® is a protective coating for smoothing and finishing 3D printed parts.

From $26.04 ex GST

TASK®16 is a low odor, fast-setting Shore 80A/30D urethane

TASK® 16

Suitable for making fast mechanical parts, gaskets, wheels and pullies, impact resistant props, and archival master models, fast, wear resistant rubber molds for casting concrete or concrete stamping pads. Also an excellent choice for rotocasting to create hollow semi-rigid castings.

$69.52 ex GST

New Plasti-Paste® II is a two component fiber-filled resin that is designed for vertical surface application.

Plasti-Paste® II

This plastic can be used for creating themed environments or special effects, used as a “mother mold” material to reinforce rubber molds and a variety of other applications.

From $69.52 ex GST

SMASH!® Plastic - Breakaway Glass

SMASH!® Plastic - Breakaway Glass

New urethane liquid plastic designed to shatter/crumble on impact ("breakaway glass")

$69.52 ex GST

Cryptolyte® UV Glow Additive for Urethanes and Silicones


UV Glow Additive for Urethanes and Silicones

$26.04 ex GST

Solaris® - Clear Silicone Encapsulating Rubber

Solaris® Clear Encapsulant

Clear Silicone Encapsulating Rubber. Designed for use in protecting of electronic components and other assemblies. It will protect components against shock, vibration, moisture, ozone, dust, chemicals and other environmental hazards.

$156.48 ex GST

Body Double® SILK - Self-Releasing Lifecasting Silicone Rubber

Body Double® Silk

Self-Releasing Lifecasting Silicone Rubber. Self-releasing platinum-cure silicone rubber that can be applied directly to the skin to make molds of the face, hands and other body parts.

From $86.91 ex GST

Encapso® K Water Clear Encapsulation / Display Rubber

Encapso® K

Water Clear Encapsulation / Display Rubber. Pour around inanimate object to encapsulate for display, such as artificial flower stems. Create a variety of display props and novelty items. Create water/pond effects for small scale model environments. Fully cured, can be crumbled to look like broken glass, diamonds or ice.

$60.83 ex GST