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Lifecasting Starter Kit
Accu-cast 570 Alginate Powder 1kg

Accu-cast 570 Alginate Powder 1kg

HandGel is our "go to" alginate for larger bucket molds like Adult Hand Casting, Family Hand Casting and Foot Casting. Nice long setting time gives you plenty of time to mix and get the hands in place- even for novices.

$69.52 ex GST



USG Hydro-Stone® Brand Gypsum Cement is an excellent product for manufacturing solid cast architectural, art novelty and statuary products.

$65.00 ex GST

Algniate 5 minute set

HandGel (570) alginate is our slowest setting "bucket mold" alginate designed for larger hand casting jobs or for novice lifecasters who just need a little more time. This is the alginate that we include in our Adult Hand Casting Kit. Great mixing, working and setting properties as well as wonderful detail in the mold make this ideal for hand casting.

$35.00 ex GST

hands cast in hydrocal

Hydrocal White

A light weight casting plaster that is ideal for life casting.

From $18.40 ex GST

Body Double® SILK - Self-Releasing Lifecasting Silicone Rubber

Body Double® Silk

Self-Releasing Lifecasting Silicone Rubber. Self-releasing platinum-cure silicone rubber that can be applied directly to the skin to make molds of the face, hands and other body parts.

From $86.91 ex GST

Alja-Safe® Breeze - Crystalline Silica-Free Liquid Alginate

Alja-Safe® Breeze

Crystalline Silica-Free Liquid Alginate. Perfect for making single-use pourable molds of hands, feet and other body parts.

$39.09 ex GST