Key Knife

Key Knife

With traditional Italian styling and attention to detail,our mold making key knife is the perfect tool for creating channels while cutting/separating a silicon mold from its modeled piece. The channels will allow the silicon mold to be put back together with strong interlocking sections preventing slippage.

$52.13 ex GST

Smooth-On URE-FIL® fillers


Ure-Fil 3 is a ceramic filler that will give plastic castings a ceramic or porcelain-like finish. Ceramic Filler to Reduce Cost of Casting.

$43.43 ex GST

Ure-Fil 5 - Filler for Creating a Wood-Grain Effect


Ure-Fil 5 is a lightweight filler that is your nest choice for achieving a wood-like effect with plastics. Filler for Creating a Wood-Grain Effect

$43.44 ex GST

Measuring Mixing cup

Mixing Cups 600ml 10 pack

Cost Effective 600ml printed cups for mixing and measuring a variety of moulding rubbers, foams and resins. These cups have measurements from 50ml-600ml and ratio measurements of 2:1, 3:1, & 4:1. The measurements take away the guess work from inaccurate mix ratio's.

$8.65 ex GST

Wooden Stirrers

Wooden Stirrers

Wooden Paint Stirrers. Great for mixing.

From $2.61 ex GST

Fumed Silica Powder

406 Colloidal Silica Powder

406 Colloidal Silica is a thickening agent for polyurethanes rubbers for brush on moulds. This Fumed Colloidal Silica can be used to thicken resins for Mother moulds by adding varying amounts. Commonly known as Cabosil or Aerosil.

From $15.61 ex GST


PolyBond Polyurethane Adhesive 2 lb

A polyurethane adhesive that’s great for repairing torn polyurethane molds. PolyBond is mixed 1A:3B by weight, has a 3-minute working time and a 15-minute cure time. Very strong!For a quick tutorial on repairing torn polyurethane molds with PolyBond, read this “Tek-Tip” on the Polytek Blog.

$130.39$130.00 ex GST


Pol-Ease 2300 Aerosol Spray

Pol-Ease® 2300 Release Agent is a multi-purpose, silicone-based release agent in a convenient aerosol spray can. Excellent for Polyurethane moulding rubber.

$34.74 ex GST

Poly Plastilina

Poly Plastilina 1 lb Block

A non-hardening, sulfur-free modeling clay. Non-toxic and odorless with a smooth, firm consistency for sculpting. Also makes a great reuseable caulk for mold boxes and mold shells (mother molds) to make them liquid tight.

$11.25 ex GST

Pol-ease 2500 Release Agent

Pol-ease 2500 Release Agent

Apply to non-porous or sealed models when making silicone rubber moulds (not recommended for use with liquid polyurethane rubbers). Apply to silicone rubber moulds when casting liquid silicone rubber.

$47.00$37.00 ex GST


Shellac Liquid sealer (french polish). The traditional sealer for plaster moulds or patterns,

$34.74$24.32 ex GST

Mold Lotion & brush cleaner

Mold lotion

Mold Lotion excellent for Plaster Moulds

$26.04$18.23 ex GST