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Shrinking Rubber

Shrinking Rubber - Reducible Resin

Shrink-It is a polyurethane product that you mix with water and once it is demolded you set on a rack and let it air dry till the water evaporates.

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SAMS Gellyfish Silicone

SAMS (Sculpture and Moulding Supplies) Platinum Gellyfish is a fast-curing, soft (A10) platinum silicone liquid mold rubber with a 1A:1B mix ratio. Molds made from this rubber offer great flexibility for molding and casting complicated and intricate models with undercuts.

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Expanding Rubber

Expanding Rubber

New Expanding Rubber! This new rubber formula allows you to cast parts and enlarge them up to ~150%. Expanding Rubber is 1:1 mix ratio.

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Backiron - item 1


Sculpt Kit for Session 9 - Sculpting the Standing FigureBack Iron, 12" Armature and Oil Based Clayette 2lb

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