Special Effects Tutorial: flexible foam casting

In this tutorial we cast our 10lb density flexible foam into a 73-25 silicone mold. This is a self-skinning foam that achieves a tough skin surface and works well with our metallic powders.

Silicone SPFX Makeup: Claw marks

This is a great way to create simple claw wounds or scratches using Gel-10. We created the cuts with Gel-10 and then added color with Skin Illustrator colors. We finished off the effect with Fleet Street Blood.

Special Effects Tutorial: Pouring A Monster Clay Head

In this tutorial we pour hot Monster Clay into a Gel-10 lifecast mold. This method will also work with a Genesis X or Accucast Alginate mold, but care must be taken to avoid overheating the clay as clay hotter than 200F will cause the alginate mold to distort.

Makeup Effects Tutorial: Silicone Prosthetic Mold

In this tutorial we make an EZ Flo 120 mold for casting Gel-OO or Deadened Gel-10 appliances. This is a fairly in-depth mold process that requires mold making experience with plaster molds.

Silicone Prosthetics: Casting A Gel-OO Silicone Prosthetic

In this tutorial we show the casting process for a basic silicone prosthetic using Gel-00 Platinum Silicone. Gel-OO cures to a soft, stretchy silicone rubber that is ideal for basic facial and body prosthetics.

Silicone Mask Making: Simple Gel-00 Mask Making Techniques

This is a follow up video to our previous tutorial on silicone mask making. In this video we show how to sculpt details onto a Gel-00 silicone mask.

Mask Making: Simple Silicone Mask

In this tutorial we demonstrate a method for creating realistic masks with a simple, relatively low-cost method. This is a great mask making technique for haunted houses and simple Halloween costumes.

Makeup FX: Gel-10 Horror Makeup

This is a great way to create "out of the kit" wounds that are incredibly realistic and fairly quick to apply. Gel-10 has a 5-6 minute working time and sets in about 30 minutes to an A10 rubber. Using Gel-10 on the skin will speed the cure.