Quick Guide To PlatSil Gels For Lifecasting, Special FX, And Mold Making

This is a video guide to the basic use and accessories for the PlatSil Gel series silicones. PlatSil gels are a versatile series of Platinum (addition cure) silicones that are commonly used for prosthetics, lifecasting, masks, dolls, molds, and medical simulators.

Lifecasting And Mold Making: Plaster Bandage Tips

In this tutorial we cover the basic use of plaster bandages for mother molds and lifecast support shells. Follow these steps and you will get good quality mother molds. One of the most important steps, however, is to use good, high grade bandages, NOT hobby store craft bandages.

Mold Making and Casting: EZ Flo 60 resin cast into alginate

Here are some tips for casting EZ Flo resin directly into an alginate mold. We used 16oz of EZ Flo 60 to pour a hand cast. We accelerated the resin with 6 drops of 15X resin accelerator in order to reduce the chance of bubbles or contamination on the resin cast surface.

Lifecasting tutorial: Body Cast with 880 Alginate

This is a torso cast done with Accucast 880 and our Extra Fast Set bandages. We used this alginate mold to create a wax positive which was resculpted into a piece that looked like it was bolted together iron and steel.

Lifecasting: Face Molds With Genesis V Alginate

Here are some face molds taken from my lovely daughters who were kind enough to lend their faces for this cause. Genesis V and Accucast 590 are both great materials for face casts. Both have ~5 min. working time which is ideal for faces and hands.

Mold Making Face Cast With 880 Alginate

Lifecast mold making with 880 from Accucast. I put my shaved head to good use and did an open mouth lifecast mold with no bald cap.

Lifecasting: Hand Mold with Accucast 380

This is a simple hand mold made with Accucast 380 alginate. Accucast 380 changes color to indicate when to insert the subject's hand into the alginate.

How To Create a Resin Casting in an Alja‑Safe™ Mold

In this lifecasting tutorial video, we demonstrate how to use alginate to make a mold of a hand.