Moldmaking Tutorial: Plaster Bandage Mother Mold Over A PG35 Rubber Mold

In this video we explain the nuances of making a bandage shell over a Polyurethane rubber mold. The rubber mold was made using PolyGel 35 brushable rubber.

Mold Making Tutorial: 1 Piece Gel-10 Skull Mold

In this video tutorial we show a simple way to make a 1 piece, seamless mold of a human skull. The mold was made using Gel-10 rtv silicone and thickened with TinThix silicone thickener.

Mold Making: Gel-10 1 Piece Mold

Quick overview of mold process using Gel-10 silicone. This is a great method for fast, inexpensive, molds. I use this method a lot when a quick mold is needed on site.

Mold Making With Glove Mold Process

Mold making process using a seamless glove mold made with Platsil Gel-10. This is a great process for molding simple figure sculpts or portrait busts.

Making a brush on mold with silicone

This is the brush on mold process for 71-20 silicone. We used this method to minimize the amount of rubber required for this piece.

Moldmaking and Casting: Brush-on silicone mold tips

This is a simple mold we made of a light switch cover to illustrate thickening 73-25 silicone. We used TinThix thixotropic additive to thicken 73-25 to a brushable paste. Once the 73-25 cured we used some of our Extra fast set plaster bandages to create a shell to support the rubber mold. EZ Flo casting resin was then used to create a plastic duplicate of the original.

Brush on silicone mold tutorial

Here are some extra tips for making brushed on silicone molds. Though we have covered the basic process of making a brush-on, RTV silicone mold in previous videos, I thought some extra tips might be in order.

Moldmaking Tutorial: Brush-on PolyGel 35 Rubber Mold

This is a 1 piece head mold made with PolyGel 35. PG 35 rubber molds are ideal for reproducing hydrocal faces and heads for prosthetic work.