Resin Casting: Cold Cast Bronze Tutorial

Here is the basic cold cast bronze process for creating realistic looking bronzes for props and artwork. We used Sculpt Nouveau's wax products to finish out our piece.

Resin Casting Tutorial: Skull Cast

In this tutorial we make a resin skull from the Gel-10 1 piece mold we made in a previous video. The final cast was finished with Sculpt Nouveau Brown wax to give it a natural bone look. This EZ Flo 120 resin cast took about 12 oz of polyurethane casting resin.

Casting Resin Tip: Rotational Casting With EZ Flo 120

How to make a tough casting with EZ 120 casting resin.

Resin Casting in Silicone Rubber Molds

Simple resin casting techniques. This is a demo of EZ flo resin cast into a silicone mold. The first tiles in this video were cast using EZ Flo Clear casting resin. The cold cast bronze piece is cast using EZ Flo 95.

Quick Guide To PlatSil Gels For Lifecasting, Special FX, And Mold Making

This is a video guide to the basic use and accessories for the PlatSil Gel series silicones. PlatSil gels are a versatile series of Platinum (addition cure) silicones that are commonly used for prosthetics, lifecasting, masks, dolls, molds, and medical simulators.

Moldmaking Tutorial: Plaster Bandage Mother Mold Over A PG35 Rubber Mold

In this video we explain the nuances of making a bandage shell over a Polyurethane rubber mold. The rubber mold was made using PolyGel 35 brushable rubber.

Mold Making Tutorial: 1 Piece Gel-10 Skull Mold

In this video tutorial we show a simple way to make a 1 piece, seamless mold of a human skull. The mold was made using Gel-10 rtv silicone and thickened with TinThix silicone thickener.

Mold Making: Gel-10 1 Piece Mold

Quick overview of mold process using Gel-10 silicone. This is a great method for fast, inexpensive, molds. I use this method a lot when a quick mold is needed on site.