Special Effects – TV, Movies, Theatre & Prosthetics

Special Effects, TV, Movies, Theatre and Prosthetics - silicone and polyurethane materialsThe area of special effects is immensely diverse with many liquid rubbers used for making molds for casting every type of prop imaginable. The props themselves require casting materials such as foams, rotocastable polyurethane plastics and clear glass or ice-like products like Poly-Optic® water clear plastics.

PlatSil® Gels are industry-standard silicone rubber for making state-of-the-art theatrical prosthetic appliances used for making creatures; aged, injured or deformed actors and much more. PlatSil Gels are very versatile given that they can be mixed with a “Deadener” to reduce the snappy silicone feel and create a gel of nearly any feel and level of stickiness. This control with Deadener gives PlatSil Gels the ability to simulate any type of tissue. With all their available additives, PlatSil Gels can be controlled by the artist to meet the needs of any prosthetic application.

Silicone Materials

Polyurethane Materials