Sculpture & Figurines

Mold Making and Casting Materials Sculptors and FoundriesLiquid mold rubbers and casting plastics are used extensively in the reproduction of figurative sculpture. Original pieces are most often sculpted/carved from clay, wax or wood and a rubber mold is poured, brushed or sprayed onto this original to capture all detail and to allow flexible demolding from undercuts and negative draft.

Polyurethane mold rubbers such as Poly 74-Series can be poured as supplied or thickened with PolyFiber II for brushable applications. If a brushed or sprayed mold is made, a mother mold or support shell can be quickly constructed using Poly 1512X or 1511 plastic (also thickened with PolyFiber II) to keep the rubber mold in shape during casting.

Silicone mold rubbers are more expensive, but may be a suitable choice if resin castings are to be produced in greater quantity or if no release agent is desired when casting the resin figures.

Mould Rubbers

Casting Materials

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