Art & Industrial Foundry Casting

Mold Making & Casting Materials for Sculptors and FoundriesFoundries cast metals into a variety of shapes for both artistic and industrial applications. To accomplish this often requires liquid mold materials to help arrive at a production mold capable of accepting the heat of molten metals and alloys.

For industrial applications, liquid polyurethane mold rubbers are poured into a shape that allows a sand/resin mixture to be “packed” against the rubber pattern which when cured is demolded to create a high-temperature sand mold which can accept liquid metal.

For artistic applications such as bronze casting, a liquid polyurethane or silicone mold rubber is poured or brushed onto a model made of clay or other media. When the rubber mold is complete, it is demolded and a wax duplicate is made. This wax casting is covered with a refractory slurry which adheres to the wax original and when heated, fuses together and melts away the wax original leaving the refractory mold capable of accepting liquid metal. This “lost wax” process requires skill, equipment and time and is done by art foundries worldwide.

Mold Rubbers